3 min readFeb 19, 2019 is a startup e-commerce ecosystem is turning to blockchain to help businesses become more operationally efficient, while enabling billions of users on social media “to generate income with ease.”According to the company, many of the platforms currently dominating the industry are too focused on buying and selling when there are many other services that can benefit merchants and their loyal customers. Plus, while gaming have continued to rise, market share is yet to reach its true potential. Lastly, businesses are wasting time and money through “sub optimal logistics and warehousing operations.”The layoffs are part of causee’s plan to make the company more efficient and better aligned with its eCommerce thrusts. It will also be abruptly across the country, and the management staffs as well. The retail industry is also staring down the barrel of a new loaded gun — blockchain technology. The emerging sector has produced several companies that are looking to change the way that retail shopping is conducted, from tracking products on a decentralized ledger to letting users earn rewards for evaluating different items.The main value derived from blockchain based retail and shopping companies is their decentralization. By using public, distributed ledgers to disseminate information and store transactions, blockchain companies effectively remove third party entities that are intimately involved with the shopping process and its transactions–think banks, credit card companies, and payment vendors.

The overall global gaming industry is growing at lightning speed. Just three years ago, the global games market earned $93 billion in revenue, yet in another three years, those earnings are projected to reach $180 billion. such rapid growth is mind blowing for industry that’s been around for 50years that will also boost causee platform globally. Mobile games, free-to-play, and virtual item sales have played a huge part in the rapid evolution of the games and shopping market. In just a few short years gaming has shed its persona of an industry targeted to nerdy adolescents (and overweight men still living in their mother’s basement) to a maturing global industry with popularity across all sexes, ages, and nationalities. It’s an impressive growth, and one that is clearly visible in the following chart between 2008 and 2017,mobile usage for the average person has risen from 0.3 to 3.1 hours per day

Token sales are, quite simply, a process of selling a new cryptocurrency. While the details change from sale to sale, this process involves building a smart contract on the blockchain, generating, and then selling the resulting coins. … In this process you are selling cryptographically generated tokens the ongoing sale of causee generating 40million CAUS TOKEN still moving on successfull public sales now on the radar each 1 CAUS will be $1.00 we except inclined @

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