Onboarding new users on Uniswap V3 in this bear market.

4 min readDec 6, 2022

It seems summertime on DeFi and DEXs exclusively which has been the disruptive technologies taking over the financial world, spanning coverage from total independence, no tedious System, No inclusive of know your Customer(KYC), this important development which spans millions of Crypto users gaining ideas about DeFi, Uniswap is one of the Popular and world Use DEXs, Uniswap have outweighed the Usability of Centralized institutions, And even it’s total value locked (TVLs) have the most DeFi Assets locked, Among many DeFi projects Uniswap keep building and delivering real-world DEX Platform as they announced the Launch of the new version of their famous DEX – Uniswap V3

Checking the Interesting features on Uniswap V3

Uniswap V3 Comes with new Upgrades, better Decentralization, and Advance Securities toward addressing the need of improving lower gas fees, Uniswap V3 Latest version enter the LimeLight on the Uniswap Protocol ecosystem back in May 2021, when differentiating btw V3 to the formal Versions, Uniswap V3 is more capital efficiency, Decentralized, secure minded, Standards Liquidity and advanced Data feeds called Oracles.

These bring huge Possibilities to DeFi Traders holding their money with Strong assurance, and security guarantees, including enhances accurate trading pairs, No central authority can control uniswap, making it a core functioning Peer to Peer marketplace.

How Uniswap works and its Efficiency for Users in this bear market.

Uniswap V3 is User friendly and Exclusive version due to the highly concentrated Liquidity, fundamental, and Improvement Setup, So Crypto traders can swap any DeFi Token with no intermediary, you can refer LP on Uniswap as traders move more tokens in the Liquidity Pool through smart contracts interaction, Pool is created to carried two assets both on its pricing strategies and asset values.

Uniswap Protocol is also regarded as an Automated market maker(AMM) and gives distribute experience with other Token Protocols connecting on the Ethereum blockchain, Using Uniswap to trade ETH with DAI, USDC, USDT, WBTC and many more

Concentrated Liquidity Pool:- one key Concept Leading prices in Trading so adaptable, earlier version of Uniswap only runs forever, making traders to adopts huge ranges of Liquidity Pools on Uniswap so some will trades btw $0.99 to 1.01 of USDC/DAI running traders fees unnoticed. But on V3, Liquidity providers decide its prices range and capital will be concentrated and comes new fee tiers, making LP earn better trading fees proportional to Liquidity been to make.

Active Liquidity is another key Concept for LP assets with broad Real-time Upgrades, and security, though Uniswap removes any assets with no active Liquidity Prices range, shifting one of the two main assets for LP to decide another additional update of the asset prices range until when the market moves to abetter and needed prices ranges.

Uniswap V3 swap

How Users will adhere strongly to use the Swap feature on V3, like flash swap use without any trading delay, making swapping of ETH and other Cryptocurrencies so easy, setting your slippage tolerance and transaction boundaries, connecting to any web3 wallet app.


Knowing how much-been swapped will determine if curves exist and are between the two assets on a trade, then establishing curves mechanism to boost Liquidity, improving fee through contribution, with easing active Liquidity, Users can calculate the demand fee of assets and allow you to swap on better yield, more efficiency.

Uniswap even makes LP receive nonfungible token NFT rather than LP token, embodying your Role as an LP in the Liquidity Pool.

Giving earlier updates on V2 allowed LPs to add time delegation in Real-world data to Smart Contracts. V3 oracles performance is more advanced technically TWAP(Time-weighted Average Prices) Oracles.

TWAP running the best onchain call for swapping on Blockchain, And been far more valid in reviewing prices. Even the gas expense in maintaining an oracles are also about 50% less, all these developments makes Uniswap V3 go under a License covering the ecosystem around DEX as company authorities License, but the Pervious Version are Open sources. And will not be use for Commercial purpose likes using V3 coding encryption.

Is Uniswap Safe?

The Safety of Uniswap have the huge Paramount, Since the Official Launch of V3 Standard security is guaranteed at almost the same level as the Ethereum Blockchain, But little drawback from Uniswap is the High gas fee likes other DEX, LPs using Uniswap contribute to the Ethereum blockchain’s gas needs, So don’t risk your asset staking on a volatile price range, Be aware that the market prices are structured in Token Pools. So investing in the high-interest pool for a profit could Lead to market prices may drop fast, then your Interest in the Asset can’t return until the market restores.

So lots of risk management are all on Cryptocurrency Marketplace, toward comprehending the most better characteristics on Uniswap, it runs decentralized, and there is no server to hack into, all funds are in the hands of LPs, Uniswap won’t take custody of any Crypto.

For more information on Uniswap, Kindly check below☑️

✅ https://mobile.twitter.com/Uniswap

✅ https://app.uniswap.org/#/nfts

✅ https://discord.gg/h5SDw2Ng