Oneexbit all in one trading cryptocurrency exchange

Oneexbit is a platform designed to provide a better fortune and golden opportunities to the customers, traders, brokers, agents, ship owners etc. It works as a marketplace for crypto trading, where you exchange token and coin for btc and other major coin,also will be able to trade their products and ease their trading activities all over the world. Oneexbit explains how Blockchain Technology works in a simple intcrface and trading of coin in one pace, as Blockchain processes are fast, effective and secure. Oneexbit is a decentralized e-commerce based on blockchain technology. Oneexbit comes with distinctive features like B2C Sector based booking system, a real-time tracking of coin, an Oneexbit platform, special work and exclusive trading. Oneexbit also introduces a digital currency (Oneexbit coin or ONEX) and deploys Blockchain technology along with smart contracts to support fast and transparent transactions. Oneexbit has the potential to bring marketing strategies on one platform, thus, reshaping the way trading works and touching every aspect of our society. From survey, it is observed that in traditional market business, the transactions involve a lot of manual paperwork such as sales contracts, charter party agreements, bills of lading, port documents, letters of credit and others related to vessel and cargo. All these documents need to pass through a long chain of offices. But with the introduction of Oneexbit into
the marketing industry, all these stress and huddles will be eradicated totally. The introduction of Blockchain and smart contract into the blockchain industry via Oneexbit will make the process more transparent, secure, effective, less time-consuming and less vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Moreover, it makes the tracking of orders, business, consignments, container or of a marketing more accurate and effortless. The B2C and B2B sector systems manage and control most of the process to avoid any human errors or inefficiencies that characterized the crypto exchange methods. Oneexbit is established
of the process to avoid any human errors or inefficiencies that characterized the traditional shipping methods. Oneexbit is established to encourage an open market and free trade, increased cooperation, public-private partnerships within the industry, knowledge sharing, and bridging the gaps between government regulators and the marketing industry.
Increasing the trading network in a new way oneexbit is set to help investors around the world to help their ventures and ease the trading practices. The oneexbit has a mobile application which will allow booking and tracking of features along with detailed reports for all activities by the user. Oneexbit is also targeting the trade of commodities to further improve the quality of agricultural investments and to promote them. This will be of great benefit for the important crypto enthusiasts of West Africa. Due to the high demand in the region, the platform targeted West Africa as the center of investment opportunities and the extension of business. The main focus is to make the platform customers live simple and easy by offering the features that are easy to understand and to use the decentralized platform. The icons (ONE) provided by oneexbit have it own blockchain which will act as a medium to help you be a part of the project. Funds raised via masternodes will mainly be used for the research and development of the platform, in-house trading business. The pre-ICO masternode for Oneexbit have already started it will end on the 30th of February , 2018. Some of the road maps of the platform are listing of ONE coin on the Exchange, hiring
of oneexbit development team, marketing platform development initiation and Oneexbit Blockchain development initiation.
marketing industry no doubt plays very significant roles in the everyday merchandize of goods from one part of the world to another especially with the advancement and improvement in science, knowledge and technology. The 21st century has ushered in different alternatives vis-à-vis trading coin and another in a bid to help circulate different trading that satisfies human wants. Research has revealed that the terminal trading industry is the backbone of modern life, globalization as well as international trade as approximately more than 90% of the world today and are conveyed through the mechanism of all in one terminal way and the trading system. The Blockchain as postulated by experts will enable the industry achieve holistic decentralization, thus built on the premise of the latest technology to ensure the future is properly put into place by few enthusiastic experts.

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