StaFi Protocol and it’s rToken Solutions and Development

3 min readApr 7, 2021

After the Successful Launch of Developer version of rDOT on the Seiya Testnet for user interaction Likes Testing Processes for any Bugs or Vulnerability to be giving as feedback or Suggestions, inclusively the Development of rATOM and rDOT which describes as different projects architecture so when completion, rSubstrate and rTendermint will be implemented horizontally, And have drive Strong recommendations and excitement for the two big underlying Project, rKSM and rDOT implementation Logic is on Launch this March.

StaFi Protocol have officially Launched their rDOT Product that Poised to Solve the Liquidity Problem of the Staked DOT, The Native Token of the Polkadot Mainnet, rDOT Product is a big Development already for both StaFi Project Expansion and Polkadot Ecosystem Standard which StaFi will unlock the rToken Solutions via Liquidity of Staked Tokens on Substrate for example KSM and others Substrate Based PoS Project more easily and efficiently. StaFi is been identified one of the Polkadot Ecosystem member, So huge Successful competition at Large.

Getting some quick introduction on rDOT Product been the Defi innovative Use cases by StaFi that will Solve Liquidity Problem of Staked DOT on Polkadot Mainnet, So as DOT Token holders, rDOT Token will be achored DOT assets Staked by Users which is transferable and Trade anytime.

Upon the Growing Trends on StaFi Protocol ecosystem, StaFi have keep expanding incredibly which they enter into Partnership with Conflux Blockchain to Use Shuttleflow Cross Chain Protocol built on Coinflux and will add Interoperable connection on rToken on both Ethereum, BSC Ecosystem and HECO Huobi Based Platform, this cooperation with Shuttleflow will add StaFi Core Assets on Ethereum Network(rETH, rFIS, FIS into BSC and will draw Participation in the Defi Application on the BSC

For better understanding of StaFi rToken, StaFi have displayed the infographics Design of rToken, StaFi Platform is identified as Plug and Play Staking Network for all PiS Chain which Stakers can Stake PoS Token to mint rToken which is Tradable, Lend, borrow and use as collateral for other Defi Protocol, it’s seem an importances Aspects for rToken even of it’s Chain will bridge Ethereum Ecosystem to interact with other Decentralized Projects for Future Purposes and Improve rToken Project Adaptability and the ability of PoS Projects to Produce Staking Liquidity on their own, So Checking on other rDOT infographics which show the Difference between Relaychain rDOT Solutions and Parachain rDOT Solutions which comprises Polkadot rDOT App based on Liquid Staking on StaFi Smart Contract

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Checking on rATOM infographics StaFi issued Token on Liquidity Staking Mechanism, ATOM Stakers will benefit on StaFi Liquidity Incentive when You Stake Your ATOM for Liquid rToken(rATOM), Well Strategy Plan from StaFi Platform to correspond Staking Reward when Staked ATOM on StaFi Smart Contract Such will equip fast response of Flexibility to Trade, Higher APY Generation, Auto compound and Decentralized Integration

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