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Stafi Protocol come into 2021 with introduction of their roadmap, driving the key importance areas, which they express their concerns of not completing the launch of rFIS and rDOT as mentioned; (

  1. Didn’t make a sophisticated plan for the launch of ETH 2.0
  2. Not enough manpower in our team

Stafi plan not on schedule for Ethereum 2.0 Launch, which make the products to wait for the auditing processes to finish and adding details on lack of engineering talent also prompt the postponement of the liquidity incentive plan, Nevertheless rETH and rFIS are being audited, but the development of rDOT/rKSM is already ongoing and the 2 way bridge is already on testnet, but Stafi have already finished complete the key development. Luckily for us well determine developers that is willing and idealistic on Staking derivatives express their concerns to participation various task for Stafi Protocol and offer greatly in strengthening evolution capabilities of Stafi Platform

As the roadmap for the Q1 of 2021 continues, Stafi is keen on launch of rToken products and addition of rToken on different Blockchain ecosystems such Ethereum, Polkadot, BSC and many others, giving assurance on rETH and rFIS will be completed this Mid - January and also adding the development of rDOT is more complex than expected, but as the Stafi platform keep coming forward on important marketing activities will followed.

Stafi development on rbridge mechanism bringing infrastructural unification of rToken into different Blockchain ecosystems and include the bridging of rToken, Solona and BSC options! Adding the combination of rToken with Ethereum Blockchain and substrate, Polkadot and near which is compatible with EVM, Stafi platform will be supported rToken Swap for different ecosystem services in Stafi Chain;) Stafi Stakingdrop development including rToken mint incentive and Dex liquidity incentive which will serve importance core values for Stafi Protocol and explore the possibilities of listing rToken on Cex to boost the liquidity which will bring many dApp emerge on one another, But after the recent launch of rFIS on Mainnet, Stakingdrop begin to incentivized FIS holders to participate in rFIS product after the quick testing process and PeckShield security auditing, Them Stakers can participate in FIS Staking for using rFIS product which brings the possibilities of receiving Stakingdrop, the campaign is just a similar one, but have plan to bring higher yield Farming program for rFIS/FIS trading pair which will boost more liquidity for rFIS token on Dex.

Due to the integration of rToken which is been included on many Blockchain ecosystem as a new interest -bearing asset, defi platforms will bring important development in decentralized Finance, lots of Partnership advancement is already on the way such as Dforce, Unilend and many others expressing pretty interest on rToken Staking derivatives, rToken index, rToken Stablecoin gaining huge interest as time keep goes.

Stafi protocol anticipation on Polkadot ecology have add further development based on adding liquidity for Polkadot Parachain on substrate projects likes Plasm, ChainX and many others, Stafi rToken operations wouldn’t be possible with adding few validators onboard, So Stafi run recruitment plan for OV(Original Validators) and SSV(Stafi Special Validators) for credible Blockchain decentralization and stronger boost of Security.

Stafi rETH is one the limelight for Ethereum 2.0 Staking, which make Stakers to participate and provide Liquidity of Staked asset on Stafi Chain and boost Staking interoperability in Ethereum ecosystem, the Staking requirements will reduced 0.01ETH instead of 32Eth demanded for ETH 2.0 Staking network, So the rETH minted during the Ethereum Staking will be tradable on Dex exchange likes Uniswap more details on the Whitepaper
Stafi protocol have announced recruitment process is coming for Validators(OV) to participate in the rETH product and follow to run ETH2 nodes of Stakers’ Fund allocations
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