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StaFi Protocol have officially Launched their rETH Product after the Tirelessly work by PeckShield which They incentive StakingDrop campaign, You Stake ETH and Farm 100k FIS, Stafi Protocol Welcome Pragmatic Participants to experience the Secure and Reliable Blockchain decentralized ETH2.0 Liquid Staking Product You are entitled to win some reward by using rETH.

Checking on the Stakingdrop campaign rules where you have the chance to Stake ETH using StaFi rETH Product and will receive additional FIS Token reward Likes Example Staking 1 ETH will entitle to 30FIS (ERC-20 drop Proportionally, So since the ongoing campaign their will be Staked ETH Snapshot of Stakers’s funds in rETH Staking Contract Pool Will be use for Snapshot to calculate the Stakingdrop reward and distributed. Looking on Stakingdrop rules for Original Validators that successfully run mini Staking Pools in rETH will also be incentive for each successfully mini Staking Pool and be rewarded with 300 FIS Token, Also bear in mind that this campaign is Based in early 100 mini Staking Pool Participants but others will still be rewarded, StaFi Protocol adhere Positively on the communities to participate on the Largest Airdrop Program;) citing aware on User deposit ETH that cannot be retrieved until ETH2.0 Phase 1.5 is Released, incase trading of rETH for ETH is still available on Uniswap Liquidated Pairs, StaFi Protocol have worked closely with their communities members to understand more about the rETH Product and relevant Minting Processes, which StaFi Team is assuring of Project expansion building Strong rToken Product for Yield opportunities Likes Integration of rDOT and rKSM which will support varieties of Staked asset derivatives and will host bigger campaign this Time

StaFi Protocol have Finally Launch rDOT on Seiya Testnet still on developer version for Developers interaction and Testing, rDOT will be run and be on Minting Processes, fully auditing and ready Functionally Live on Mainnet this March, Also checking on the rToken Launchpad infographics Timetable coming in few months Including rDOT rKSM rATOM Development knowing the rToken progressive stance to the Stafi communities, StaFi Protocol have giving details on Total Value Locked(TVL) in rFIS and rETH reached $12milllion USDT Still at the earliest stages

StaFi Protocol have introduced rFIS Staking derivatives for communities to Liquidity their FIS on StaFi Smart contract and be incentive of rFIS in return in connecting to Polkadot Extension and also inclusion of rBridge connection on ERC-20 to Native Token via Metamask and Still Polkadot Extension, StaFi Protocol have been on Extensive Integration of Defi Protocol Includes DefiStone Partnership Based on Yield generation Opportunities and farming aggregator Liquidity Staking bringing that innovative solutions of Staking derivatives into Web3 Development

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