1 min readNov 25, 2022

Welcome Spin DEX trading Protocol for Web3 Innovation.

The Most Extensive CEX and DEX finance running for On-chain trading Solutions building on the Near Protocol ecosystem, the Spin Protocol is comprised of broad and complex trading experience of both Spot, Swap, and perpetual features.

Spin entering and built on near ecospace to disrupt the fast-moving Web3 innovation Blockchain, encrypting the Decentralized Finance with many accessible and interoperable trading ideas, exclusive and upgrade dimensions from easy trading history tracking, multiple order types, on-chain orderbook, handy UX/UI and extremely low trading fees.

Spin Protocol is backed by top investors, and institutional firms including Lemniscap, GSR, Spartan Protocol, angelDAO, Long hash Venture, ZNT Capital, Near Protocol and BlockApex the Auditing robust and individual safeguard project functioning in the Decentralized world.

Spin Protocol encompasses a massive variety of active community members on Twitter, Discord, telegram, medium, and a host of Social Interactive Activities ( the Spin guild wars, competitive Spot, swaps, and perpetual trading.

For more details on how to gain interest in Spin Community Development and program, Join us below:-